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More work ahead!

Please keep in mind that this is run by a single person and can be a lot of work. I can only do so much, but I try to work as fast as I can to keep the community run smoothly. Not everything is fully set up, and some things are being worked on. Please send your feedback and bugs you find. If you wish to be apart of the team we can be in talks.

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How to support sLab!
about 1 year ago

Hello, community!

Today we are gonna be going over a few ways on how you can support your favorite Christian Minecraft server!

You see this is a really small community and we understand that it's low in numbers and support. But we are always actively trying to do things to help boost it in order to attract more fun players.

We are seeing a slight increase in player activity on the server and that's great, but it's really only older players coming back in a way. And we see a very small increase in people visiting the site.

Currently, the only player to vote for the server on voting sites has been me only. I vote almost every day to h...

sLab's most asked question + Updates
about 1 year ago

Hey everyone!

It's true we really enjoy this community and what's been done and grown within it. We are always looking for better ways for the community to get together and have fun in the servers or other places like this forum.

One thing we don't like is lots of questions being asked to mods, admins, and all when the info is right there for you.

We don't mind I you ask for links for these helpful resources but when you keep asking things like we are the wiki when there already is one, or the faq page.

Please stop and ask yourself first if you can't find the info in google first or our sites and apps b...

Oneblock is returning!
about 1 year ago

As of right now, we have been having a few issues with a few servers in the network. We are always trying to look for new ways to host them, or upgrade them, and so on.

Right now we have two servers down as they are being reset and kind of migrated to a different storage host. And we have one server that's whitelisted.

The whitelist will be removed soon as we have been working on that and have had a few beta tester for it.

Oneblock is coming back as its own server and will be opening up to everyone again. However, I will still need to do a bit of work probably on it here and there once it's open, but nothing major.

In ...

Growing the Community
about 1 year ago

Hello again.

We are going to be pushing more for this server to grow. No, we won't be forcing ads or for you to buy ranks and stuff like other servers do but we will be asking players to share this with their friends to vote more and be a bit more active.

We want to start holding more events. We currently have been holding two events but no one knows about them. No one uses the app. That's where you find events to win things.

I would like players to use the app more if they can. as it's going to be a big place to get info and sharing things with the community.

How are we planning on ...

SMP Updates.
about 1 year ago

Hey all! We are back with another little update!

So we have been back at work on the server with bringing the small little updates that it needed like a plugin needed to be updated. We have done that for all the servers. Everything is up to date.

Alright, we are done talking about updates, bye guys have fun playing! :)

lol, we aren't finished yet. We have also added once back in (back when it was Lab Craft). These updates only took place in the sLab SMP:

  • Anti-endermen grief
  • Quick gravel
  • Keep Disenchanting.

With the first one should be easy to know what it means. But Endermen ...

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